Another entry in the competitions. This time the topic was "Mothership & Fighter", consisting of 20 or more fighters that dock with a single mothership. The idea for this model came from a mechanized version of the Capcom fighter Akuma/Gouki in the videogame Cyberbots. I didnt look at the cyberbots version of Akuma too much while comlpeting this model, so there is only a slight resemblence. The fighters lock onto the arms of the main ship, forming layered armor and the tattered shoulders of his "gi". Hemispheres located inside the palms lock into an energy ball, creating the fireball-like special attack that Akuma uses in the Capcom games. The Capital ship is rigged on bones, but modeled mechanically with rotating/sliding joints with the exception of the fingers. Background courtesy of NASA

Mothership: 2946 polys
Fighter: 956 polys