Shader Experiments

Disclaimer: I am not a texture artist. Source textures have been acquired through (somewhat) nefarious means and the shaders should only be judged from a technical standpoint. Default starting instructions are 51 for the base pass, 38 for Point lights, and 51 for vert shaders just to get a single diffuse map to display. Numbers shown in the node graphs arent really as high as they seem.

These shaders were created in UDK since it supports all the neat bells and whistles an artist could ask for, and it's free.

With the exception of finding out how to make parallax and displacement maps work, all of this is freeform development, no tutorials were used. I have had previous experience with maya's hypershade, so the concepts were familiar.

Water+Geometry Displacement

My first shader experiment in UDK, this stuff is fun! The shader consists of Diffuse+Height+Normal maps of water waves and a "Landscape" that can be any thing that can generate a heightmap. Think riverbed, aqueduct, forming ice, volcano+lava, spreading alien moss etc.


Future Improvements

Node Graph

Download Below Download Alt Viewpoint Download Turnaround

Simplified and Parallax-only versions

If your target computer doesn't support bells, or even whistles, the shader has been modified to support somewhat lower requirements.

Simplified Node Graph

Download. Original in middle, Parallax only on left, Simplified displacement on right.

The parallax-only version could use a lot of work, probably from the ground up. The height mask needs to be bump-offset in order to match up with the details, but it needs to exist beforehand to serve as its own bump height map. A chicken-or-the-egg type problem that requires extra time or more nodes to do properly.