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A simple tool that stored the global position/rotation of selected objects so animators could change rig setup and get their pose back without popping. Later on the Titan project, GlobalPose2 added support for animation, saving of poses and animations, local transformations, anim layers, multi-namespacing, and restoration of custom attributes.

Offset Keys

Quick shelf button that allows the animator to adjust the visible character's pose, and have all curves adjusted behind the scene to match the new pose.

Original Offset

Anim Key Warper

A similar concept to the Offset Keys tool, made somewhat obsolete by animation layers. This small UI can taper off posed keys before and after the current posed frame.

Anim Name Cleaner

This tool attempted to correct sloppy naming/capitalization by matching tokens between existing filenames and a list of "good" names.


A shelf button that lags a chain of bones over time. The lag behavior is tunable in realtime by manipulating a temporary rig control's lag and smoothing attributes. Wind/Travelspeed can also be simulated on a stationary character by moving and even animating the temporary control. Once the desired effect is achieved, the animation is baked using the same shelf button, or the control can be deleted without any permanent changes to the rig.


A tool that adds simulated animation to a rig that doesn't have dynamics built in. The tool would temporarily hide the selected controls and make duplicates for dynamic tweaking. Once the effect is appealing or unwanted, the animation can be baked or bouncy constraints removed.

Rotation Snapper

A compact UI that allowed the user to snap or quickly rotate objects or keys to specific values. This helped with rigging and mechanical spinning type animation.


A tiny multi-tabbed window that enables custom "scripted" rigs to be created within hours instead of days, usable by even the most technically-challenged animators. Rig creation is split up based on inherent wow tech requirements. Joint creation/orientation is automatic, but tunable. Control shapes are automatically fit to the skeleton, and can be tuned in a linked or isolated fashion. Any previously saved rigs can be loaded up with a click, modified and rebuilt very quickly.

Additional Rigging Tools

A suite of maya tools that helped speed up tedious processes and fix common errors automatically. Color sets were used to simulate WoW's rigid to smooth skin stitching tech, and could be pushed to max for export.